Compassion and Compassionate Leadership: Open Community Event with Michael West | Booking available



12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Compassion and Compassionate Leadership: Open Community Event with Michael West | Booking available

Alongside our five topic-led conversations, we are testing a new venture for Project Lift: the opportunity for you to participate in a session hosted by people from within our Project Lift Leadership Community.

These sessions offer space for the hosts to open a conversation on a leadership issue that is important to them, and for you to contribute to that conversation. With a focus on storytelling, we are providing space for personal experiences on the chosen issue.

This is very much a community-led element to our work in project lift and we are so delighted to have community partner  Professor Michael West  from The King’s Fund, who has been instrumental in the work of project lift from the beginning.  Michael has been involved in compassionate, collective and inclusive leadership research and thinking for a number of years and has worked closely with health and care organisations and systems.  He will kick us off on a conversation about compassion and compassionate leadership.  He is looking forward to hosting a conversation with colleagues across the health, social care and voluntary sectors that focuses on the importance and relevance of compassionate leadership in the wider health and care system.

In our conversation we will be asking:

  • how do I develop my own compassion as a leader?
  • how am I developing my practice of self-compassion as a leader?
  • how can we create the necessary space to reflect and learn?

We recommend reading the latest blog from Suzie Bailey and Michael West in which they ask what will happen to those living with the reality of stress and the impact of the ongoing pandemic and make the case for the urgent need to prioritise compassionate support for those on the front line before we can hope to address the huge backlog of non-Covid work.  This article will  help get us all thinking about this topic in advance and we look forward to hearing from Micheal and all those who join us at the event.

This is an open community event and we welcome those engaged in the health, social care and voluntary sectors to join this conversation. If you have a story or perspective to share, an idea or are looking for some inspiration from others, why not join us?  It is an informal conversation, who knows where it may lead, and what insights we may all learn together.

This event has now taken place and our insights pack  from the event  is open to all to revisit or explore for the first time . Please do use this to start a conversation about Compassion and Compassionate Leadership in your team, community or network – see the DIY event guide in the pack and contact us if you would like to talk this through.