We are excited to be sharing some social media shout-outs with our digital coaching partner Know You More as the official press release went live on Thursday.

It’s been an opportunity for both teams to work together to spread the word as widely as possible in what has been a social media game of  ‘like and share tig’.

Both @projectliftscot and @knowyoumoreco have been connecting online since the partnership became official with Tim Mart even joining us for the Getting to Know you event and even tweeting his new project lift coffee cup

Project Lift aspires to support the Myron Maxim of ‘connecting the system to more of itself’ and means there is no shortage of twitter, facebook, mail and online connections as well as face to face, in person connections at events, in meetups or with individuals across the system.

It’s part of the reason we have stepped out with this innovative coaching offer – digital coaching with real life, excellent coaches enabled by tech such as online platforms and apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and others.

So in the spirit of click and share here are some key links for this story: