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Communities Survey Update – Invite and Thank You!


Here’s what’s happening!

Communities Survey

Our open collaborative communities survey is now closed! A massive THANK YOU to everyone who shared their thoughts with us – the response has been amazing and the quality of comments and ideas shared really have inspired us here in project lift.  The honesty, excitement and insightfulness have been fantastic.

What’s next?

We are exploring all of the ideas and comments and putting together options with the intention to bring this alive for the communities over the next 12 months.   We will be back in touch at the end of May to share our commitments on what happens next – watch this space!

Creative Forum Invite!

There’s no time like the present and we have been experimenting with new ways of engaging wider to take project lift forward! We have our first Creative Forum running on the 21st May in Edinburgh – a different style of event exploring the possible use of stories in our future direction.

We are looking for anyone who wants to join the conversation – its an open forum where we will hear, share and explore what stories can do for us and our collective work. It’s also an opportunity to explore how stories may help you develop influence and instigate change.  It’s open to everyone – any role, any level and will include friends from outside Health and Social Care. We’ll even provide coffee!

Join us on 21st May 2019 at 9.30am to 12.30pm at the Methodist Centre, Nicholson Square, Edinburgh.
Find out more and get your free ticket on eventbrite – we’d love to you have you.


Stories that Lift

We are looking for your stories! In the spirit of Myron’s Maxim’s we are keen to ‘connect the system to more of itself’ so are looking to help people connect and stories are a brilliant way to do this.

All stories have a place and we’re not just looking for stories with a happy ending, we want to hear the real life stories from real people across our system. You could have a story of leadership, of challenge, of collaboration, of compassion or even a story of frustration. What we do know is everyone’s story is important and will be valuable to share.

Check out our Stories that Lift page where you can find out more, find tips on how to share your video or selfie+ story and even submit and sign your consent forms online!


Until the next time, thanks for transforming care, starting with you!

The project lift team

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