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Coaching for Wellbeing – free coaching service for all in health and social care


Coaching for Wellbeing – free coaching service for all in health and social care

Do you want to be more active in caring for your health and wellbeing during Covid-19, but not sure what to focus on?
Do you want to make the most of your strengths during this time, and preserve your energy as much as possible?
Are you supporting other colleagues or team members during the Covid-19 pandemic?
If the answer to any one of these questions is “Yes” you may want to explore taking up one of the free coaching options in the new Coaching for Wellbeing service available now.  Designed specifically to support all health and social services staff in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is open to anyone at any level and in any role in the system.  #InItTogether.
‘It really is for everyone – you might be working in a care home, a hospital or providing services in the community but wherever you are and whatever it is you do in our health and social care workforce, Coaching for Wellbeing is for you.’

Gillian Strachan, NHS Education for Scotland

To find out more and register for this free coaching for wellbeing service, click here to access the coaching platform and find out more. Register or scroll down the home page for more information.

Topics: Self care for individuals and teams, Mental and Emotional Health, Leadership, Working from Home

Time: 90 – 180 mins

Visit the site (KnowYouMore Coaching Platform)

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