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Coaching for All - Leaders at All Levels

What is coaching?

We believe that coaching is a valuable and impactful development tool that can benefit everyone and this supports our belief that there are leaders at all levels in any role.  A formal coaching arrangement involves a conversation, or series of conversations, between an individual and a coach.   The aim of the coaching conversation  is to ‘unlock people’s potential to maximise their own performance’ (Tim Galloway).  It is helping them learn rather than teaching them (John Whitmore).

Coaching often comprises a series of conversations where you will start with a key development aim or objective guided by your coach and then explore the behaviours, preferences and ways of working that make up your own leadership style. The coach will support you in moving forward in your journey as a leader, whatever your starting point.

Why coaching?

We believe that the transformation required to sustain and grow the public service starts with you.  We know that is essential to develop leaders at all levels at any point in their leadership journey across the health and social care service.  We are looking for people who are curious about how developing their own personal leadership abilities impacts positively on the immediate team they work in,  the multiple teams they connect with and ultimately the whole public service system and beyond.

Interested in finding out more?  We want to help you ‘hold the mirror up’ and gain person insight to allow you to identify your areas of strength against our leadership profile.  Your Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) report will be the starting point to help you identify areas of strength and some where you would benefit from developing further.   You may have started a new role,  be working in a new collaborative way,  have a specific piece of work, project or be involved in change and think that coaching may help you create the space to consider how you can bring your best self to challenges arising.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching is one of the development offerings which can help you in your development to gain insight on many aspects of how you are at work, including your  leadership journey.  If you are not sure whether coaching is the right development offering for you,  click on this link to find out more about coaching.  This resource is hosted on the TURAS Learn App so you must be signed up to access this.  Further guidance on how to access TURAS can be found here.

Where can I access coaching?

If you think coaching may help you develop how you are at work and how you can build leadership behaviours into your everyday role and could offer you time to think about leadership challenges,  you should link in with your local Organisational/Learning and Development team team in the first instance as there may be a local or regional coaching offer right for you.

You may also want to consider signing up and accessing coaching via the Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative who offer coaching from a wide variety of coaches employed in the public service.

Digital Coaching Pilot **Applications are now closed**

We are excited to offer a limited number of places as part of our pilot of digital coaching delivered online for the first time. This is provided through a digital platform and sessions can be taken through a range of media channels such as Skype, Zoom, Face Time and others, including through the platform itself.  We are excited to be able to offer coaching across the whole system in terms of role, organisation and geography.  As well as being shown as highly impactful, it is also flexible, accessible and cost effective. We are piloting this approach and you can take part for free!

We believe this offer will suit those people who can embrace a wholly digital coaching experience and are willing to test it out and feedback to us on how things go.  Therefore if a face to face conversation is your preferred option,  please revisit the opportunities in the section above.

We have contacted all those who have completed the Project Lift Self Assessment Questionnaire inviting them to apply from November 2019.  As this is a pilot there have been  limited places available and these have all now been allocated. If we are able to offer any further opportunities we will communicate these out to those who have already applied and then to the wider community as places allow.