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Calling all Line Managers and Team Leaders in Health and Care in Scotland


Are you a line manager or team leader in Health and Care in Scotland?

Have you had a member of your team ask to talk about their Project Lift SAQ?

Would you like to encourage your team to complete it but are not sure how to then support them in taking their report forward?

More than 1100 colleagues across Health and Care in Scotland have completed the Project Lift Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and this number is rising daily. This is an exciting time for those who believe ‘Transforming Care, Starting with You’ does start with them and we are delighted to support them, and to support you as their line manager or team leader!

When colleagues complete the SAQ and embark on the development recommendations from the report, they are encouraged to share it with their line manager, discuss their own career and development aspirations and take ownership of their own career journey.

Are you confident in having that conversation?

Great Conversations using the SAQ – Support Resources

We’ve created a space for line managers and team leaders – it’s on the project lift pages in TURAS Learn. Here you can find a super, short guide and a webinar designed to help you have a great conversation using a colleague’s SAQ.  The webinar is designed to offer a quick and practical way to have a conversation and the guide provides a printable version you can use in your preparation.

There is also a handy pre-read document and we strongly recommend you read this and complete the SAQ for yourself before attending the webinar or having the conversation.  The webinars are live and there will be opportunities to ask questions as it progresses.

We look forward to hearing how your conversations go!