Volunteering for Leadership Development

Volunteering for Leadership Development

The why

The Project Lift  leadership development approach is all about fostering and enabling learning in practice and from practice. We encourage leaders at all levels to consider the interface between Project Lift and the Charity and Voluntary sector as a potential opportunity to learn more about your own leadership, working with a new team and the charitable context in Scotland. The landscape is complex and understanding how it integrates with the myriad of public sector bodies all working together for a better Scotland can provide development in systems thinking, as well as development for self and team.

The offer

To find out more we have two key resources for you to explore:

There is a wealth of information on the internet about the charitable sector, which is both issue specific and general.  The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)  provides a good overview of current activity within Scotland, including development material on the role of a trustee. Visit the resource here

An excellent place to find out more about how you can be involved, the latest news and development opportunities is with ACOSVO – who are focused on leadership in the sector.  Visit the resource here

If you wish to develop an active role aligned to your current job or area of expertise you could take on a voluntary operational role, or join the board of a charity.

Joining a board is usually a competitive process, with opportunities advertised on the internet. If you do not have a specific role in mind you could look at the information available on specialist sites aiming to connect people with opportunities.

Consider looking at the organisations below as they have the ethos to connect business and charities to create lasting solutions, and to widen opportunities for those interested thus moving away from the “who you know matters” approach to “use your skills regardless of your back ground”

Inspiring Scotland “Together, we are social problem-solvers.” 

Pilotlight “connecting Ambitious Charities with Business Leaders”

Changing the Chemistry “a multi-talented group drawn from a variety of backgrounds with the aim to increase diversity on all types of boards”

Please note that some options may carry a cost or commitment and that Project Lift is offering these links as information for interest. If we are able to share opportunities in direct partnership with these, or other organisations,  these will appear separately in the Brought to You By Project Lift page.

Project Lift shares these links on the understanding that details within them are accurate and up-to-date. Project Lift will not be held liable for information that is inaccurate or subject to change and reserves the right to remove any post at any time.

The collaborative

Sara Dewar

Communication Lead

Jenni Jones

Communities Lead

Joanne Rafferty

Leadership Development Lead

The experience

Volunteering for development can be as much or little as you can manage; from reading case histories, to working as an expert, having a leadership role on a charity board or a leadership exchange providing contextual understanding and contacts; it is all about self, team and system.

The invitation

We invite you to explore the links above to see if there are development opportunities that allow to you grow as a leader, regardless of your role, level or geography.  As this page is offered as an introduction to exploring volunteering for leadership development, there is no specific application process for any specific programme.  If we are able to share opportunities in direct partnership with any of the above, or other organisations,  these will appear separately in the Brought to You By Project Lift page.

The application

No need to apply - available all year round
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