StreetWise MBA

StreetWise MBA

The why

We identified a gap of provision for those leaders who weren’t requiring formal leadership development however we not at the point where Leadership Cubed was the most relevant offer either.

Conversations with Common Purpose led us to explore the StreetWise MBA.

Inclusive leadership: the next step

In a disrupted, fluid, fast-changing environment, organisations need their leaders to tackle challenges and grasp opportunities that do not fit neatly within the boundaries of team, department, function, organisation or sector. Common Purpose passionately believes we need to empower leaders to cross these boundaries, just as challenges and opportunities do, to increase their impact and the value they can create for organisations and society.

The StreetWise MBA achieves this objective through Cultural Intelligence (CQ). CQ doesn’t just encourage inclusive thinking, it translates it into action. CQ enables leaders to work across different cultural boundaries: geographies, generations, sectors, specialisations, backgrounds and beliefs.

The offer

The offer was 10 places on the StreetWise MBA programme delivered by Common Purpose UK for Emerging Leaders for those who had come through a career conversation with a Principal Lead and wherein this offer was relevant to their development needs. The programme was offered at no cost to the participants or their home organisations.

Due to COVID-19, Project Lift has been working alongside Common Purpose UK to realign provision which has resulted in securing  places on 2 interactive and on-line leadership development programmes as alternatives.

The first is a Senior Leaders Programme starting in November 2020 for 12 weeks.  7 individuals who have all had a career conversation with a Principal Lead have accepted a place, based on their individualised development plans .    The programme will help participants become better leaders, and includes the following elements:  Cross-Boundary Leadership Index diagnostic and reflection tool; real-time engagement with experienced facilitators, inspirational contributors and a diverse cross-sector peer group; global leadership modules with an international cohort; locally focused sessions, rooted in a city or region, with local peers; mobile app that helps track and translate learning and translation post-programme events to help embed and reflect on learning.

The second is an Emerging Leaders Programme starting on 3rd September 2020 for 8 weeks. 13 individuals have accepted places on this programme and came through an Project Lift application process. Successful applicants are wide ranging leaders from across health and social services in Scotland.  This programme is tailored to Emerging leaders who want, or need, to – take on increased responsibility within their role; adapt quickly to ambiguous and changing situations; lead people and teams through challenging times; tackle complex problems involving diverse stakeholders; discover how to create a wider impact.

We are working with the participants and Common Purpose UK to explore and evaluate all three offers in terms of experience and what could be offered again in the future.

The collaborative

Jenni Jones

Project Lift Lead

The experience

The StreetWise MBA programme’s focus on real-world experiential learning as part of a diverse group can be a highly effective way of supporting existing initiatives. We work with you to understand your objectives and offer ways to create organisational impact.

Cohorts: Our cohort model is designed to ensure that learning is embedded within the organisation. Nominate a cohort of people across different departments who, together, could use their learning to promote a more inclusive culture. The StreetWise MBA  runs multiple times a year and can support six members of the cohort in each instance.

Assessments: We compile comprehensive reports based on assessment data taken during the programme. As a result, you can track individual or cohort’s behaviour change during and after the programme, and how that change can create impact in their organizations.

Workshop: After the cohort has completed the StreetWise MBA, we host a post-course event for the participant and their line manager. This helps to ensure that the learning is translated back to their teams.

The invitation

Participants work within a group that could well be the most diverse community they will ever be a part of. Every StreetWise MBA includes participants from different
backgrounds and with hugely varied experiences, all leaders from across the public, private and NGO sectors. The programme is best suited to leaders who are:

  • about to take on a bigger role
  • leading colleagues from many different cultures
  • being challenged to operate outside their specialization
  • working with customers or stakeholders from different sectors
  • in transition and know they need to adapt fast
  • determined to succeed despite ambiguous environments
  • acting as innovators – even disruptors – of systems.

The application

We have currently filled all available Project Lift places on the current programmes.
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