New Horizons – NHS Education for Scotland

New Horizons – NHS Education for Scotland

The why

Being a leader in health and care can be challenging – and at the same time very rewarding. As leaders, you can make a real difference to health and care outcomes – to people’s lives. You can influence how health and social care are shaped and delivered.
New Horizons is aimed at new and emerging leaders and managers to support the development of their leadership capability and capacity.

The offer

The New Horizons programme consists of four modules and a consolidation day. The programme runs for six months:

Module 1 – 2 days, Module 2 – 2 days, Module 3 – 1 day, Module 4 – 2 days and finally the Consolidation day

The experience

New Horizons aims to facilitate the development of leadership capability and capacity of the new and emerging learders in the health and care system. It is an opportunity to connect with fellow leaders, to share experiences and expertise, and to learn from each other.
As a programme New Horizons is underpinned by the Health and Care Leadership and Management Development Framework. It offers a foundation for leadership based on the six health and care leadership capabilities.

The invitation

Are you just starting out on your leadership and management journey?
Are you looking to broaden your leadership horizon?
If you are embarking on a new leadership or management role or are at the point of exploring leadership or management as the next step in your career, then New Horizons could be for you.

The application

Applications are open at specific times within the year.