Leadership Live (formerly Virtual Ashridge) Online Access – funded 1 year subscription

Leadership Live (formerly Virtual Ashridge) Online Access – funded 1 year subscription

The why

Brought to you by Project Lift is our work to bring you relevant, useful, high-quality development that supports your leadership journey, whatever your role and whatever your level, in our health and social care system in Scotland.   Part of that support includes quality resources aligned to leadership, change, innovation and other relevant topics, from both healthcare and other sectors.

There are a wealth of resources available through TURAS Learn, our own resources page and local offerings and it’s great to be able to also provide insights from external sources, constantly bringing new, quality, diverse resources together.

We are keen to work with partners who understand our health and care system and who want to work with us to share what they have to offer in ways that are accessible for those across our system.

The offer

We have teamed up with HULT Ashridge to invite leaders from all levels, all roles and all areas of the wider system to explore their online development platform, Leadership Live.  This will enable you to have access to a wide range of inspirational and practical resources aligned to the Project Lift Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as well as the full range of digital content available.  Leadership Live  is a digital education platform with extensive content, all developed and curated by Hult Ashridge faculty of practitioners and thought leaders. The platform caters for different learning styles with video, audio and text-based resources, available in different lengths and accessible at all times

The experience

Here in the Project Lift team we have been exploring the site, selecting related content aligned to the SAQ and designing playlists that align with our community themes.  We will continue to work in partnership with the team at Leadership Live to develop and evolve the curated content we recommend to reflect feedback, emerging themes and relevant changes impacting our system in it’s widest sense over the coming year. This, coupled with the platform’s development mapper and digital diagnostics, mean you will be able to find great content that is relevant to your personal development easily and quickly.

If you would like a closer look, Sara has put together a short introduction to the resource here(this example was recorded under the previous design of Virtual Ashridge however the key messages and functionality of the platform remain relevant.)

The invitation

We are offering these as fully funded subscriptions to anyone working anywhere in the wider Health and Social Care system in Scotland including those in the Third and Voluntary sectors.  Subscription numbers are limited and applications will open from the 16th September for a 4 week period.  Details of how to apply will be shared through emails sent to our distribution lists and shared by our partners across the heath, care, voluntary and third sector networks.

The application

Applications for this offer are now closed.