Leadership Cubed – Project Lift

Leadership Cubed – Project Lift

The why

We have heard from many individuals who have experienced leadership development which inspired and motivated them at the time. It may well have been a great learning experience. They are very committed to their development as a leader. Yet, when trying to apply the learning, they hit some problems. In leadership cubed we will start with your real experience of leadership in health and care in Scotland.
Working in Scotland’s public services can be hugely rewarding and motivating. As a leader, you can make a real difference to health and care outcomes – to people’s lives. You have the opportunity to influence how health and social care are shaped and delivered. And yet, being a leader in health and care is tough – you face some complex challenges and dilemmas.
Through the power of three; self, team and system, we will provide space in which you can share, learn from and make sense of your current leadership experiences – before exploring your next steps as a leader.

The offer

Our leadership development approach is all about fostering and enabling learning in practice and from practice. It is informed by the concept of “vertical development”. This means it is all about helping you to understand and make sense of your context and to develop your capacity to think and act differently – rather than simply transferring a body of theoretical knowledge to you.
Learning happens through live work (“heat experiences”) in practice. On leadership cubed, you will be involved in live collaborative leadership projects (at regional / national level). We will also encourage you to reflect on and learn from your own, on-going live leadership work at local level.
You will be offered “colliding perspectives” in support of your leadership learning – including external speakers for the whole cohort at the several group learning events. We will invite you to seek out other diverse perspectives for yourselves – through ‘insight visits’ arranged as part of your collaborative leadership project work. And we will encourage you to seek out diverse experiences and views by actively contributing to the project lift community – as well as connecting with other networks.
We will encourage you to “make sense” of your diverse experiences through reflective practice, seeking and giving feedback, peer mentoring and co-coaching. Each live collaborative leadership project team will be supported throughout the programme by a team coach who will facilitate on-going learning about the process of working collaboratively and from live national / regional work.

The collaborative

Brigid Russell

Leadership Development Partner

Joanne Rafferty

Principal Lead

The experience

Being a part of leadership cubed will both support and stretch you as you prepare for a future leadership role in a context of complexity, uncertainty and challenge. We know you are coming to leadership cubed with a wealth of professional skills, abilities, insights and practical experiences. What we are seeking to provide through leadership cubed – as well as the wider project lift community – is space for you to:
• Challenge and add to what you know about – leading, working with people, handling politics, coping with complexity, managing performance, innovating and managing change
• Stretch yourself to be more – open-minded, curious, creative, challenged, challenging, confident, compassionate, empathic and influential
• Do some things differently – experiment, learn from what works and what doesn’t work, collaborate, engage with different people, take risks, innovate and learn from others

We understand that you are likely to be experiencing some significant tensions – in terms of workload and time pressures. You may feel caught between operational pressures in the short-term and wanting / needing to step back and see the bigger picture. In leadership cubed we will not shy away from or gloss over these inherent contradictions. We will explore them with you. We will help you explore your reality of being a leader in health care in Scotland – and what you need to develop so that you can feel ready for your next steps

The invitation

To those aspiring to be in a director or equivalent role within the next 12-24 months, who have completed a Project Lift career conversation and who have discussed their strengths, development needs and opportunities for live collaborative work with a Principal Lead.

The application

Places may be offered as part of tailored development recommendations from a Project Lift career conversation.