HR Senior Leadership Programme

HR Senior Leadership Programme

The why

This offer provides an opportunity to use the Project Lift leadership approach to support the evolving HRD community to:
• explore their identity and role as strategic change agents within Health and Care,
• test and experiment new ideas and approaches together to address systemic and team issues; and
• support the ongoing development of the HR profession.

The offer

Project Lift are delighted to bring to you in collaboration with University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS), a new innovative development offering for HR Directors and emerging talent aspiring to HR leadership roles at the highest level.

Starting with a half day Onboarding session with the cohort week commencing 28th September 2020, the programme will comprise approximately 6 days formal programme time in 2020/21 as well as activity between sessions in  undertaking the live collaborative work element of the programme.
Key elements include:

• State of the Art introduces content from the Business School that will provide the learning framework and common language to navigate the changes you are seeking to make;
• Best Practice and Next Practice are inputs that bring in additional voices from other organisations and settings, to share ideas and offer impetus to reflect on progress and alternative approaches; and finally,
• Into Practice is your opportunity to launch your recommendations into the system.

You are supported at an individual level by a team of qualified executive emotional intelligence coaches, and as a group with academic supervision to support your collective thinking.”

The collaborative

Dave Caesar

Project Lift Sponsor

Joanne Rafferty

Project Lift Principal Lead

Sandra Stirling

University of Edinburgh Business School Project Manager

Jenny Britton

University of Edinburgh Business School Head of Executive Education

Professor Martin Kornberger

University of Edinburgh Business School Faculty

Professor John Amis

University of Edinburgh Business School Faculty

Professor Chris Carter

University of Edinburgh Business School Faculty

The experience

As a participant you will experience:
• A focus on live collaborative work to co-create and test new ideas / solutions, reaching into your services and the broader system as needed to undertake the work, supported by content and supervision from academics;
• A programme led by experienced faculty from University of Edinburgh Business School – the co-creation of a common language, a common sense of identity and purpose, and to help you develop the tools and leadership practices required of you in your respective roles;
• Participant support in keeping with project lift leadership ethos – a connection to Project Lift Communities, Leadership Cubed Cohorts, as well as a dedicated project lift Principal Lead working alongside the cohort;
• Sessions delivered virtually using an online delivery platform. We will ensure that technical requirements for the virtual classroom are clarified and tested with you as part of the Onboarding process.

The invitation

For this cohort, participants will be drawn from three core groups from within the senior HR family of roles:

• All newly or recently appointed HR Directors (HRDs) in NHS Scotland
• Established HRDs who have been in post in our system for longer; and
• Talent Pipeline applications – these are talented senior leaders in the HR family of roles who aspire to HRD or equivalent role in Health and Social Care in the next 2-3 years.
• We are taking the opportunity to build on the great cross boundary working demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage some senior HR leaders from Social Care aspiring to HRD or equivalent roles to apply too. We believe this programme presents a great opportunity for learning through shared live work, building collective capability of our leaders and enabling change.

The application

Applications are currently closed as this programme is underway.
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