Digital Coaching

Digital Coaching

The why

We believe that coaching should be free and available for those that need it and Know You More’s Tim Mart agrees.

We know that coaching can be an impactful, personal and effective development offering when coach and coachee build a trusted relationship that enables genuine insights and growth in personal confidence and competence.

We also believe in leadership at levels and in all roles and in all locations. Therefore we wanted to offer quality,  personal leadership coaching to those who often do not get the chance based on role, level, geographical location or local budgetary constraints.

The offer

We have run our first pilot of 6 hours of one to one coaching over a 4-6 month period. All coaching takes place digitally over the Know You More coaching platform and is safe and secure.

We offered 50 places and have filled all of these.

The collaborative

Sara Dewar

Project Lift Lead

Tim Mart

The experience

The experience is:

  • one to one confidential leadership coaching
  • all delivered with a live person who is a highly competent and qualified leadership coach
  • your coach will work with you on the goals and objectives you have identified from your SAQ
  • your sessions happen at times agreed between you and your coach and through media that works for you
  • you have the chance to evaluate the experience, your progress and your coaching relationship at mid-point and end of your coaching

The invitation

Our invitation was to anyone who had completed an SAQ and wanted to benefit from coaching. We will review this if and when we are able to offer this opportunity again.

The application

Applications are currently closed as this was a pilot offer.