Awesome Postcards

Awesome Postcards

The why

It sounds so simple, and yet sharing with someone that you think they are awesome can really make their day.

In these current changing and challenging times, we know it’s hard for many to manage changing roles at work and at home.  Struggling to be their best, determined to keep on keeping on,  we know how much a little bit of kindness, effort or commitment can  brighten a day.

The offer

Now more than ever, it is important to appreciate one another and our efforts to be enough and do our best.  One super-simple way to share your admiration or your thanks is to write someone a note – and what better note to share than a ‘You Are Awesome’ postcard.

Here at Project Lift, we have created a set of 10 postcards that can be sent to you to share with your amazing colleagues.  They all have the theme of ‘You are Awesome’ – 10 different designs, 10 short encouragements and a space to add your own message too. With 10 to choose from  you can select  a design and message that offers a simple moment of recognition that you think will resonate with them.

Each postcard has room for your message and delivery details.  They all feature the project lift web and social media details as well as the link to the National Wellbeing Hub – in partnership with the Wellbeing Champions’ Network.

The collaborative

Jenni Jones

Project Lift Lead

Sara Dewar

Project Lift Comms Lead

The experience

If you want to look through the pack, or would rather keep it digital, you can view and download any one of the designs, add your own message and email it immediately.


The invitation

If you would like to tell someone how well they are doing, how much they inspire you or just give them a quiet boost of support, you’ll not only make their day; it will make yours too.

Send them a digital card or  you can order multiple packs through our partners Daysix.  Please note that there is a minimum order of 50 packs of 10 cards and that these will need to be funded locally – it’s all explained here 

If we are able to offer free packs again in the future we will share this opportunity by mailing and social media – sign up here to receive mails or follow  us on Twitter and Facebook.

Go on – send it to say it!

The application

No need to apply - available all year round
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