What is the Project Lift Ethos?

The  ethos is how we sum up what Project Lift all  about: the how we treat ourselves and each other, the frame of  self, team, system and the belief that people are at the heart of everything we do.

In the wider system of health, social services, third and voluntary sector organisations,  we provide services and support for, by and with people. A strong belief in  leadership at all levels across our system leads us to value people and our humanity so we can make the most of each other’s potential, our services, and the positive impact we can make in Scotland.

In Summer 2021 we ran an email series on the 10 elements of the ethos, exploring each a little further and offering some resources on each for those looking to develop them further. You can review each episode here:

  1. People
  2.  Purpose and Connections
  3.  Kindness
  4. Compassion
  5.  Humility
  6.  Curiosity
  7.  Inclusivity
  8.  Diversity
  9. Choice and Responsibility
  10. Collaborative and Collective Approaches 

Our central Project Lift Ethos page can be found here with an animation and further links – these will be updated as we move into the next phase of the leadership development context into 2022.