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Breaking News – 2020 Community Events!


Breaking News!

2020 Community Events

From listening in our Winter Gatherings last year, our Storytelling Creative Forum, our NHS Event involvement and our Communities Survey we heard a clear message – ‘we want to connect more’.  Since then we have been working hard to find a collaborative partner who gets the project lift ethos and aspiration, who believe the in potential and transformation in Health and Social Care here in Scotland and who love to work collaboratively


We are excited to be partnering with Kaleidoscope to offer the next phase of community events starting with an introductory webinar in December, 4 face-2-face events from January to April and completing the series with another webinar.



You said, we did

These events respond to what you told us about:

  • where to have them
  • when and how to make them more accessible
  • what you wanted to explore
  • what you wanted to get out of them
  • what would be valuable for you

We have a range of topic, time, location and style – including digital – and we hope you find something to engage you and inspire to join the conversation.

More details will be coming soon as exciting details are confirmed, in the meantime you can sign up for the introductory webinar and bookmark our events page below.

‘Leadership’ can sound like a remote concept, textbook model or boardroom agenda, far removed from the pressures of modern health and social care. We disagree. We think great leadership is essential to meeting our new and known challenges.

Here in Project Lift, our purpose is to offer a different way of looking at leadership at all levels, in all roles, in working collaboratively and choosing to work compassionately to help our staff meet these challenges. That’s why we’re hosting a series of events to explore how to tackle the most urgent issues in health and care, and how to create a more sustainable way of working which enables different approaches that prevent new issues occurring, building resilience within ourselves, our teams and the system.


Sign up to our introductory webinar, 1-2pm on Wed 18 December, by registering here. The webinar will open the events series, framing the challenges we’ll address at the face-to-face events and inviting discussion with an exciting panel who have various ‘leadership’ experiences. Here, you will gain insight into which event might be most appropriate for you, or others that you know, to attend.

Bookmark the events page to keep up to date!