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Article – Psychology Today: The Role of Psychological Safety in Diversity and Inclusion by Amy Edmondson


Article – Psychology Today: The Role of Psychological Safety in Diversity and Inclusion

‘Imagine a diverse workplace in which all employees felt a genuine sense of inclusion and belonging.  It’s unlikely you work in such an organisation today. But it’s clear that every organisation, public and private sector alike, is increasingly aware of the need to get to work on making this a reality….over 20 years studying workplaces in healthcare delivery, high tech, the drug industry, consumer products, and more, where people with diverse skills and backgrounds must work together effectively to accomplish challenging goals, and one consistent finding from this research is that psychological safety plays a central role in their success.’
In this article Amy C Edmondson explores the relationship between psychological safety, inclusion, diversity and belonging. Combining her extensive research with current challenges, she draws to the leadership challenge in the midst of this – building a fearless, inclusive organisation that realises the benefits of diversity through greater inclusion and belonging, is the most important goal for any leader today – whether public and private sector. 
Topics: Leadership, Mental and Emotional Health, Teams, Innovation, Change

Time: 5 mins

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Amy C. Edmondson, Ph.D., is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. She has received worldwide recognition for her work on leadership, teaming, and organizational learning.