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Article: BMJ – Covid fatigue is taking an enormous toll on healthcare workers


Article: BMJ – Covid fatigue is taking an enormous toll on healthcare workers

By:Clare Gerada and Caroline Walker, posted May 4th, 2020,  the bmj opinion

‘Whatever our situation as healthcare professionals—good pacing, refreshment, and support will be key to surviving the long road ahead’

Here in the UK we have been in lockdown for over six weeks and our personal and professional lives have changed immeasurably. We are starting to face the reality that our lives may never return to “normal.” As healthcare professionals caring for doctors, we are impressed by how our profession has adapted to the new order.  However, we are also noticing many of our colleagues, ourselves included, struggling to absorb the enormous changes forced upon us over the last two months.  

Insights into Covid or Pandemic fatigue and help on how to survuve this phase of fatigue and keep well for the long haul. There is also a related podcast recording available.

Topics: Self Care for individuals and teams, Leadership, Communication, Teams

Time: 5 mins

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Clare Gerada, Medical Director of NHS Practitioner Health and Chair Doctors In Distress (registered charity), 

Caroline Walker, Psychiatrist and therapist at NHS Practitioner Health and Founder of The Joyful Doctor.

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