The Project Lift SAQ

How to make the most of your profile and your SAQ.

The Project Lift SAQ

Registration and Building your Profile

It take a little time to build your profile when you first register but a little work up front will help your profile work for you.  After your first visit, the app will automatically take you into your Dashboard and you can see your profile at any time from selecting it from the drop down menu at the top right hand of your page.  As it contains all the information that makes you unique: your personal details, your career history and your career aspirations, it will change over time as you develop, move roles and consider the next step in your career. We encourage you to update it any time there is a change as the more you put into your profile, the more we are able to understand what you are looking for and what could support you on your journey.  This will enable us to contact you when there are opportunities to apply for roles or development that relates to your career experience, stage or aspirations.  We do this for everyone who registers but we can only work with the information you provide so it is key to keep your profile up to date.  Your profile is only visible to you and the Project Lift app admin team.

Coming soon – common myths dispersed and a little more about why keeping your profile updated can be a good thing.

Completing the SAQ

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire, known as the SAQ, is the key piece of development for everything we offer in Project Lift.  It’s your chance to explore the leadership profile and find out where your strengths and development areas lie. Once you have registered and built your profile you are ready to complete the SAQ.

It takes around 30 mins to complete although you can take as long as you like. You can save and go back to it at another time although many find it helpful to do it as a complete exercise.  We recommend finding a quiet time and place where you are unlikely to be disturbed and somewhere with good internet connection.  You can use any device and that could be your own phone or tablet as you can access it via the website.

Once complete you can view your SAQ report immediately  on screen and you can also download a copy in PDF. Your report is never sent to anyone else by Project Lift – only you and our Project Lift app admin team have access to your report, and every time you log onto the app you can find it there in your Dashboard.

Using the SAQ

Once you have completed the SAQ you may not be sure what to do next. You have a few options open to you and these are always there:

  • the back pages of your SAQ report offer some reflective questions to help you work out your next steps
  • the SAQ report page online has a link to our Project Lift resources page on TURAS Learn. Here we have selected a few key resources for each of the 8 sections of the SAQ report to get your started
  • our resources page is now searchable under each of the 8 sections of the SAQ report and links to many more resources from open online resources, to TURAS Learn resources to our own Project Lift offers.  These range from webinars and articles to development programmes and you can also take a look at our community events. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Leadership Ability

Professional Ability

Self Awareness

Strategic Insight

Personal Values

Shared Values

Personal Ambition

Organisational Ambition