The Project Lift App

All you need to know about the Project Lift App

The Project Lift App

What's in the app

The Project Lift app is our tool to help you explore how you can live your potential, whatever your level or role.  To keep things simple, we have one place where you can safely store:

  • your profile, including career history and your career aspirations
  • your SAQ (more about that soon)
  • any further career conversations, development documents and recommendations.

It’s free to access and to register and you can access it at any time, on any device.  Once you’ve registered with the app you can use the handy ‘My Project Lift’ tab in the top right hand corner.

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How do I access it?

The Project Lift app sits on TURAS which is great as you can use your TURAS account to log in . If you don’t have a TURAS account then you can set one up for free as part of the app registration. It’s open to anyone who works in the public sector and you can access it on your own device.

We know that some people love to play with a new app, especially one you can access on your own phone or tablet, but we also know that you may not be one of those people.

It’s important to us that everyone has a chance to explore how they could live their potential so we have created a page to help you find out how to use the app, set up your profile, complete the SAQ and then a few tips on how to use it. Let us know if these help!

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Where does the data go?

Many ask us ‘Who else can see my profile or my report? Where does it go?’

The easy answer to that is – nowhere.  It’s on the Project Lift app for you to access at any time, on any device.   We don’t send it anywhere or to anyone as it’s your report. It’s up to you what you want to do with it and who you want to share it with – we recommend talking it over with someone you trust such as a coach, a mentor or your line manager.  Whoever you choose to share it with, it’s your choice.

We think it is all about individual agency – it really is all about you and it’s your choice.

It’s up to you if you want to register,  if you want complete the SAQ.  It’s for those who want to, those who believe that they can take control of their own career and development.  If you have any questions, or you are curious as to how we use the data in the app, take a look at our Privacy Policy to find out more.