Talent Management

An inclusive approach

Talent Management

We know that Talent Management and having open, honest conversations about career aspirations is good practice. We know that engagement and health and wellbeing for all are also important.

Michael West, talks about 4 key outcomes we know are associated with talent management in an NHS context. We believe that these are relevant across our Health and Social Care services.  These are:

  1. Everyone feeling valued by their organisation, with a strong sense of belonging and positive identity with their organisation and teams (individual & collective leadership)
  2. Everyone is enthusiastic for growth (and in the design, aiming to be as self-directed/supported as possible)
  3. Everyone is confident that leaders and managers are adopting a fair and equitable approach (everyone counts, importance of being inclusive)
  4. And that the health and wellbeing of all colleagues is seen as key  – and that leaders both address things that damage this and that they enable things can support strong health and wellbeing.​

We are working to make every step in talent management count​. The process is based on the Leadership Profile.

For you, participating in this will be developmental in itself: ​

  • the self assessment will provide information that will be useful for you for your Personal Development Plan (PDP) or equivalent, appraisal and career planning
  • we will be signposting you to our suite of multi-professional development opportunities, which will be tailored to you.

Our approach is complementary to Health and Social Care local and regional approaches

This is a brand new and contemporary approach, complementing existing processes and programmes you may already see locally and regionally within Health and Social Care. We are working together, working collaboratively.