Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal

Currently supported for people in NHS Scotland, our updated approach to performance appraisal is one of the key elements of our fresh approach to how leadership capacity is identified and grown within NHS Scotland to help deal with the change challenges ahead by transforming care, starting with you.

With links to talent management, leadership development and values based recruitment, meaningful appraisal is not just about how the day job is done. It is a means of understanding more about leaders’ values, ability, ambition and insight.  It links what the values mean and look to you in your role, where your ability is best built on and developed in that role and your career aspirations for future roles. All of this is connected through your own insight into how you operate both in your role and aligned to the Leadership Profile.* 

Performance Appraisal is your opportunity to link your performance, your career aspirations and the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan to show how you can contribute to transforming care, starting with you.

*Find out where you currently are in your leadership journey, by completing our tailored Self-Assessment Questionnaire.  You will receive a personalised report suggesting how to stretch your areas of strength and build on those areas that are not as well developed.