Engagement & Connection

Building relationships across Health and Social Care - and the wider public sector - to enable people to connect in service of our system.

Engagement & Connection

Engagement is central to Project Lift as our ethos is based on the belief that relationships are key.  Through engagement we are developing relationships across Health and Care so that we may understand the realities of leadership, make connections, and act in service of the wider system.

As we seek to enable leadership at all levels, our engagement approach spans sectors, organisations, roles, bands, professions and networks. We are achieving this digitally and in person, learning as we go and expanding our reach to connect more people from wider corners of our system.

Our engagement model is open and evolves as opportunities and conversations arise.  The key elements are:

  • Our approach – building connections across the Health and Social Care system in it’s widest sense,  with the wider public sector and with others to foster a cross-system collaborative working envisaged in the National Performance Framework.
  • Our communities and community activity
  • Our leadership development opportunities
  • Our ethos – people, purpose and connection, curiosity and collaboration
  • Our talent management approach, nurturing diverse ways for people to explore their potential and connect with others for support, challenge and sharing learning
  • Our communications – increasing our digital presence and agility to enable and support connections regardless of geography, level or role.

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