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About Project Lift

Transforming care. Starting with you.

Transforming care. Starting with you.

There is no doubt that things are changing, getting more complex.

It is a new dawn for health and social care which is transforming to meet the needs of patients and communities.

It is right that our leadership must transform too.

It’s time to encourage a new style of leadership to rise from the complexity, to see above and beyond what faces us today; to see what we will face tomorrow.

Leaders who have vision, who can see beyond the here and now to what the future could be, should be, can be.

Leaders who hold fast to values and who believe that success does come through putting people at the heart of everything we do.

Leaders not focused on being heroes, or being saviours, but being true collaborators – who know that working collectively, collaboratively – genuinely together – is a powerful force for future success.

Leaders with the values, the ability, the insight and the ambition to take our colleagues, our services and our patients with them, to work alongside them – and transform our health and social care in Scotland.

We began our journey with the NHS, and are now making progress with our aspirations for all health and social care across our nation, and with our people at the centre, let’s transform care. Starting with you.

Step 1: Where am I now?

Every journey needs to start somewhere, and your career journey starts here.  We have a short, tailored process for you to get started:

  • Create a brief career profile.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).
  • Receive your tailored report and some suggestions on what to consider next.


The SAQ is aligned to the Leadership Profile. To complete these you will be asked to review our data and privacy agreement – this is to reassure you that we will not ask for, retain, share or use any of the data you provide for anything other than this process and keeps us accountable in line with Data Protection regulations. You will see full details when you start the process.

Step 2: Start your journey

Once you have completed your profile and the SAQ you will have a personal, tailored report and some guidance on what to do next.  The SAQ report shows areas of strength and areas of development against the Leadership Profile and offers development suggestions on how to stretch and build on your strengths and how to enhance the areas that need developing. This is your chance to create your own development plan that supports your ambitions and career aspirations. You will also be directed to a range of relevant development options within the Project Lift development area in the Leadership and Management Zone.

We’re excited to have you join us and to be part of transforming care – starting with you!

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