We are pleased to report that our “Fresh thoughts on Leadership” Mini-Series, was a resounding ratings  success!

Many of you used our Twitter poll last week to share your feedback, with 64% of respondents saying they enjoyed all parts of the mini-series – including our daily question and sharing of stories from across our project lift community.

Special thanks go to KarenAndrew and Safia for sharing their stories and to Graham Paxton for helping us collate them. Finally, thanks to all of you who took the time to share your reflections and personal leadership stories on Twitter, we loved reading them.

Our first mini-series and the engagement that followed really highlighted the power of storytelling and how hearing others experiences, helps us to reflect and share our own. There is rich learning when we reflect together on our practice and experiences.   As a result of your feedback, mini- series 2 has already been commissioned and will run in the New Year!

Reading through the responses and reflections other themes have emerged these include:

  • Having an opportunity or even a prompt to pause and reflect daily was valuable. Some of you shared how the #pldailyquestion had helped you do this. How else might you build regular reflection time into your working day / week?
  • Fear, stuckness and discomfort are often indicators of personal learning. Yet when encouragement, support and compassion from others is coupled with our personal agency and courage, there are real opportunities for leadership and change.
  • Leadership isn’t about job title or position, it’s more about the action we take or the example we set. Many of you indicated a desire to see a full spectrum of leadership styles and approaches in our system, from leaders that are representative of the communities we serve.

We will reflect on these and many other leadership themes at our Winter Gatherings in December. Meantime, you can revisit the mini series at any time on our new ‘box set’ mini-series page , keep an eye on the website and join the conversation on Twitter @ProjectLiftScot