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Messages from Project Lift – 5th April 2020

Dave Caesar, Head of Leadership and Talent Management, Scottish Government

Messages from Project Lift – 10th April 2020

Dave Caesar, Head of Leadership and Talent Management, Scottish Government


Leadership at all levels.
At all stages.
All across Health and Social Care in Scotland.

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Communities Events 2020

Come and join us at one of our 5 community events in 2020! We are offering 4 events in Scotland and 1 online between January and April 2020.  Watch our introductory webinar and find out more on our Community Events page.

**Due to the Coronavirus pandemic our Communities Events are under review. We will share news later in the year and our Communities page shows our planned activities, the webinar and also insights from previous events.**

Open to all aspiring leaders, from whatever background, at whatever grade. Developing you to live your potential.

We are looking for those who can demonstrate exemplary teamwork, positivity, respect for others and the ability to inspire those around them.

We will be asking you about what motivates you, how you respond to difficulties, how you seek out the unknown, and how you see our future.

We will ask those you work with to share their perspectives of you, and will want to know how you respond to those views.

We want to know how you feel about your life, present, past and future, and what you believe is your purpose and potential.

A single central focus of a digital platform and human expertise that will co-ordinate and oversee 4 key elements

Values Based Recruitment

Making the NHS Scotland Values a vital component of appointments to our services, as well as ongoing appraisal and personal development.

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Talent Management

Providing a values based mechanism to identify those within our services that show the greatest potential to develop into our leaders of the future.

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Leadership Development

Offering an inventory of multi-professional development opportunities to established and potential leaders, offering tailored learning, mentoring, network support and stretch projects.

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Performance Appraisal

Reviewing and supporting the current performance appraisal systems at senior and executive level, putting people at the centre of everything we do.

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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.

It is the difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

– Nelson Mandela

What's happening at Project Lift

7 Aug 2020

Blog – Why We Need A Movement To Make Work More Fun

Blog post –  Why We Need a Movement to Make Work More Fun  By: Joost, Corporate Rebels,  published 2nd August 2020 ‘Leaders do not intentionally create disengaged workplace cultures. A toxic workplace culture rather emerges accidentally all by itself and takes advantage of all employees infected by it.’ Topics: Training Resources,  Leadership, Change and Innovation Time: 11 mins […]

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7 Aug 2020

Article – Creating Space for Conversations

Article –  Creating Space for Conversations  By: Allison Trimble, The Kings Fund, published 19th May 2020 ‘When people are stressed and anxious, creating a shared, safe space to keep thinking and to maintain and develop relationships with colleagues is important.’ Topics: Training Resources,  Kindness and Compassion in Times of Crisis, Self Care for Individuals and Teams, Leadership, […]

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31 Jul 2020

New Report – Building Back for the Better: A perspective from CUKT

New Report – Building Back for the Better: A perspective from CUKT By: Carnegie UK Trust, published 23rd July 2020 ‘As society embarks on the process of recovery, we believe there is a collective responsibility to use what we have learned not just to repair the immediate damage but to also consider our how to […]

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